Friday, April 25, 2008

Being Inside Out for Jenni

Today begins the ebay auction to help Jen Ballantyne, a single mom in Australia suffering from stage four colon cancer. Bella, Meg, and Jen have banded together to raise funds for Jenni's care. Please consider what you can do to help bless this lovely one today.

More about the auction here.


Terri said...

thanks for posting this di. i actually bid on something first time on ebay. (i'm kind of techno-challenged, so if i can do it, anyone can.)

you have a great big heart.

di said...

thanks for letting me know about jeni. the ebay auction is such a great idea, kind of fun to bump up the bids and who wouldn't love paying the highest amount possible for some little thing when it's for such a good cause!

Meg Casey said...

Thanks for posting on the auction Di--It is such a marvelous and wonderful thing how support for Jen is just building through the blogosphere.

Nathan said...

Di, this will be a matter of prayer. Thanks for posting.

di said...

meg, yes it is wonderful to see the support for Jen and to see you here. hoping the auction raised heavy hearts, free spirits, open hands and some moola for Jeni too! I'm kind of surfing around for an update now. Bless you sister. We are none of us alone today.

nathan, still missing you. i commented on your last post but it was cyber censored or something.

love to you both this day.