Saturday, September 27, 2008


With the month of elul nearly coming to an end, I am breaking my blogfast to celebrate a birthday past, present and future. Inspired by the lovely mccabe ~ here's a glimpse into our brave and beautiful sapphire days.

Last Saturday begins our photo montage. Rob was going to be spending his birthday weekend doing one of his most favorite things ever, watching the football game from as up close and personal as it gets! Our good friend Terry invited Rob to help first things first, meet the Carolina team at the aiport, unload the equipment from the plane and truck it over to the Dome locker room. Here are a few official mementos of day 1.

And knowing tomorrow would be a full day, there was no time like the present to, well....
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. was birthday past!
These keepsakes were given to Rob by his Mom a while ago and tucked away by me for such a time as this. In the flowery constructed envelope were 24 handmade birthday greetings from his 2nd grade classmates with personal heartfelt wishes for his 7th birthday. Precious! Thanks for keeping the memories Mom!

But that's not even the best yet.
Turns out young Robby had some things on his mind back then and was a pretty good speller too! This masterpiece definitely needed to be framed and preserved and remembered.
"My name is Robby Kistler. I have 9 in my family. I don't want to get married. I like spaghetti and I like to play cowboys and Indians. I like math. I don't want to go to 2nd grade. I don't like school and I never will."

"Boy is that 'not liking school' ringing true today!!!"

Speaking of today. . .
here is a much gentler form of awakening . . .

And then, last but certainly not least for this true blue purple-blooded never a Packer-backer fan, courtesy of his brother from a different mother (aka mine)

oh yeah baby!

(I'm not supposed to tell my brother Tom it brought big welling tears to his eyes that you'd give these up! Thanks bro!!! You got'm good.)

This calls for a little Tiger cake celebration!!!

What a glorious morning! The day you were born...

September 21

Game Day!

[Rob & Terry's son Jake after the big win!]

Meanwhile . . .
back on the home front...
just one more thing to do.

VOILA! that's one lemony luscious-ness sure to please!

I wish she'd stop taking pictures and just let me eat this CAAAAKE!!!!

"sniff sniff" what's this?

ooh la la! that's goooood sweeeet soooo yummmy!
I'm totally licking the bowl and begging for
more of this delicious caaaake!


Sarah said...

What fun! I love how people gave him things that showed they know him well ;) He looks so happy standing out there on the field.

Christianne said...

Di, that is just SO SWEET. It's so evident how much you love this man. The past, present, future idea is so creative. And you know how much I loooove Gracie photos -- such a cutie pie!

PS: Over here, as I was looking at the pictures of Gracie digging into her sweet food dish, I started laughing out loud. You should see Diva over here, responding to my laughter. She's sitting on the floor next to the bedroom door, and I'm sitting on the bed. She's looking up at me, like, "Huh? What are you laughing at? Do you love that dog more than you love me?" Oh, what a sweetie. That could never be. But I do reserve the right to want to cuddle Gracie in my arms and give her a big wet kiss! :)

Amy said...

Di, you truly are an inspiration to be the best wife I can be. You are amazing! ;)

Anonymous said...

It pays to read the text BEFORE you scroll through the is why, I am glancing through photos and pulled up the comments. (I never follow any type of order).

The last thing i see is Gracie eating a piece of cake and Sarah's comment of how she "loves that people gave him things that showed they know him well."

So my initial thought (without following chronological order), was awww Di has thrown a party for her little pooches birthday. My next thought is hmmm i believe something is lost in interpretation, since Gracie is a "she"...HELLO!

So i have it straight now, whew...I was about to turn poor Gracie into a transsexual.

Please overlook me Di, i ain't right. At least this mix-up was not as bad as the one (a few months back) about Dave's blog. That was a circus!

Birthday wishes to Rob!

Terri said...

oh so stinking cute! i didn't know rob's birthday is the day after mine! seriously di, i love the pics and your dear heart. happy birthday rob!

di said...

sarah: he is outstanding in his field :)

christianne: gracie wants to kiss you on the cheeks and then...well, we won't say what she'd like to do to diva...we'll pretend they'd be cuddling up together lion with the lamb...yeah, you know, some day i believe they will be :))

amy: you know this isn't about me and how easy he makes it...and thank you for what you said. i receive that too. :\ gosh.

terri: well, i did the real math, but i'll spare you. are kindred spirits and sibs no matter how you figure it...remember the cheesecake? that was before the world (and church) knew how much i love this man!

and they all sang in harmony...
and many more~!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting at my computer laughing at your "my gosh." You didn't really know what to say to that. It stumped ya. Well after i went back and really focused on those photo's i thought the same thing. "How on Earth did i get that out of these photo's?" I don't know my mind is a deep mystery, it stumps even me at times.

kirsten said...

oh, i just saw all these photos. what fun this is!! and i agree, so sweet. sigh. i have never seen you or known you in an in-person kind of way, but i love how you love each other. so beautiful!

Melissa said...

Happy-happy to Rob! He's blessed to have such awesome peeps to celebrate with!

As a side note, I couldn't help but notice on that cool Mermaid blog you made a comment and also in a post you have below - YOU ARE A MOVIE QUOTER! "sometimes there's just not enough rocks" (my husband said that the other day) and "k-k-k-katie". We quote movies and shows all the time. Sometimes when we're around other people they have no idea what we're talking about. It's like a secret language only we understand. Makes us laugh.

~Full Moon Nights~