Sunday, December 14, 2008

rock-n-around the christmas tree

our first charlie brown christmas tree and we're ready to rock!

inspired by a lovely mermie by the sea


Sarah said...

SUCH a sweet tree...I love it. (For some reason I want to call it "him" your tree a "him," Di?

christianne said...

Awww, your tree is SO CUTE! And I agree with Sarah -- it's totally a "him"!

How cool that you're making some McCabe rocks. That girl is something marvelous.

di said...

sarah, i imagined a little security blanket wrapped around the trunk but we left it in the soil to keep "him" linus maybe?

christianne, you can click on the pictures to get a closer'll notice those finished rocks are actually these created by mccabe. love her! she is a generous soul and shares all her rock secrets freely. but her originals are the best!

Be sure to read about beautiful blue but for sure you'll love this most of all!

Have a simply divine Christmas friends!

Sarah said...

Aww...totally a Linus tree! And I love McCabe's rocks, too...