Friday, February 27, 2009

Paul Young Interview ~ The Shack

For those of you who have read the New York Best Seller book, "The Shack," here is an opportunity to hear from the author. It is incredible. When you access the web site click on 1 (along the left side of the video box). There is praise and worship for the first 1/3. You can put your mouse on the left-hand side of the sound bar and drag the cursor about 1/3 to the right and find when the interview begins if you want to bypass the singing. The interview is close to 45 minutes. Enjoy! The Shack Interview

p.s. You can listen, even if you have not yet read the book; it won't spoil anything for you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Di
You know, I am not sure what I pulled up exactly here. It was not an interview on the shack it was an interview by some guy name Dan? Can't remember the last name. I am not sure if that was something you intended.

But, I will say this I could not turn off that interview. It was very interesting. Name of the book they were talking about is "They like Jesus, but They Hate the Church. Very good info.

Anonymous said...

Okay I see what is going on. I found it. I am headed over there to listen to it now.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to this. OH. MY. GOD. Between this and Christianne's blog I have now spent two days just crying. I can't even say more than that right now.