Sunday, April 26, 2009


Find more videos like this on Woodland Hills Bridge

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Tammy said...

Hey I clicked on one of your pastor's sermons about God not seeming real. I am going to come back to this.

I have GOT to MAKE myself study. It always amazes me how luring things become when I know I have to study.

Everything becomes more appealing blogging, watching TV, and when I get real desperate..... counting dust particles, fantasizing about becoming a Hardee's fry cook, mowing the lawn (I don't have one), clipping my toenails, mopping the floor under the refrigerator, and to state the obvious, babbling on your blog comments. EVERYTHING except reading the text.......

Back to your pastor. I am going to listen to the rest of that sermon later. I thought it was so cool to see him preaching in his socks. Dude, that's funny to me.