Friday, October 29, 2010

a season of grace

"We are in a prophetic season of grace. God has already judged Jesus on the cross and He will judge us when the books are opened in eternity. Between then and now, however, we live in a season of grace. There is no judgment now, only the chastisement and discipline that comes because we are maturing into full sons and daughters of God." Graham Cooke be continued...

Now: Reading Approaching the Heart of Prophecy and this quote got me thinking of this blog that has been brewing ever since...then.

Then: This picture was snapped the day we brought our little Gracie girl to be cremated. It was a relief just to have her with us again. Riding in the back of the Rav. Then nothing but ashes in a little flowered tin. From the moment she entered this world, shooting out of Sudi into my palms, to the moment she left us, collapsing peacefully into my arms and into a gentle snore....she graced our life and brought so much joy just by being there and she taught me such patience. I am still learning. She taught us to "be present" and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

And to keep hoping.

She wore one reluctantly but was in her heart a gentle leader.


pentemento said...

Beautiful girl. Gracie too.

christianne said...

I miss Gracie!

And I was just thinking a couple days ago that I'd like to rewatch the video you posted on FB about Gracie and the fire alarm in the basement. Such a sweet exchange between the two of you. I miss that girl, and I miss her for you.

terri said...

sweet gracie. now and then.