Friday, July 4, 2008

creation critters

being graceful
in the wild

morning glorious

do these make me look pretty

the very act
of observing
changes things unfortunately this little guy's response was flight
wonder where he's hiding now

i prefer mine
on the rocks


Christianne said...

hooray for more gracie!! :)

kirsten said...

so precious!!

i really enjoy that "on the rocks" photo!! ;o)

Marcia Erickson said...

Hi DI~!!

I totally want to post the poem you just left on PM's BEAUTIFUL!!! I was almost in tears!

Let me know if I can...


di said...

christianne, i was sitting out in the front yard last night and it was so beautiful, the temperature perfect, the sun dancing through the trees...a flood of words and no pen and paper but enough resolve not to lose the moment either...but then, time kept moving on and gracie was just too cute...and graciously He said 'go get your camera' ... i'll post some later just for you. i love how you love gracie!

kirsten, margs and flowers. on the rocks : )

mia, sure! where?

Anonymous said...

awww cute puppy

Sarah said...

Could I have the puppy and a tequila, no rocks? Just salt and lime.