Monday, June 23, 2008

The Shack

I third the e-motion! I LOVED this novel!
It was highly recommended to me first by my friend Jules
and now here's a hearty endorsement I think you'll enjoy reading as well.

Brilliant~captivating~a must read!

The hardback edition features a new appendix by William P. Young detailing the story behind writing and publishing The Shack and is well worth the price, imho.


Amykinz said...

"But as the narrative unfolds, it became very clear that whatever God [Young] meant by the above sentence, he didn't intend to say that evil happens because God has a purpose for it. Over and over God stresses that he does not in any sense cause evil. But he does respond to it in ways that always end up furthering his purposes in the world." ~Greg Boyd

This reminds me of our response-ability. I love what Greg says here about it, because it shows that even God had a divine response-ability to evil. This is so therapeutic and healing in my experience with losing Haven in March. I can appreciate it all the more.

Marcell said...

I scanned this at the bookstore the other day. But I have to say it kinda gave me the creeps. Not a subject matter I can spend more than a half second thinking about, no matter what the 'outcome'. Others are more brave than I.

kirsten said...

loved it, loved it, loved it. it really challenged how i thought of God & Jesus and brought me to a better understanding of his tender, lavish, & beautiful heart.

i fourth the recommendation!!

di said...

amy, i love how you put that...even God had a divine response-ability to evil. so good.

marcell, i hear ya. the subject matter makes the smaller story so terrifying if not for the larger one. thank God for His redeeming ways.

kirsten, how the Trinity related, the "i forgive him, i forgive him, i forgive him" part and the "story behind The Shack" were so timely and dare i say, carried an anointing that informed how we can move forward in what God is calling us to with a divine direction. i have a feeling there are unique parts of this story that meet people just where they are at. i really believe that it has that affect.

bless you three beauties!~

Terri said...

another book for my "gotta read" pile. um, that pile is getting pretty formidable. *sigh*