Saturday, August 23, 2008

Josiah's story

Some friends of our family have a 3-year old son, who at age 2 started to develop Autism. They created a video of his story, and for every person that views the video, $.04 will be donated to finding a cure. If you have a minute, take a look—it’s a great cause and a heart wrenching story.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH emotional I became while watching this video. My heart goes out to Josiah's parents. It is so hard when you are a parent...I know what that feeling is would give your all for your child if only it would make them better. Thank you for sharing this precious story. I will pray for little Josiah and his family for more healing.


Tahni said...

Hi. Josiah's momma here. Thanks so much for passing on our story to your circle of influence. We appreciate the prayers, support, and awareness it brings to families dealing with autism. Few people know that it effects 1 in 150 kids in the US and a whopping 1 in 81 in MN. We're praying for a great outcome so we can pass on hope to other parents!


di said...

Tahni, those statistics are staggering not to mention, they hit home! Hope truly shines through your story and it is a privilege and honor to join you in praying and believing for a great outcome!

Stephanie, I hear ya girl. Thank you for entering in with so much care and empathy and praying for Josiah! It makes a difference.

Terri said...

oh my goodness...what a beautiful piece. autism has hit in the families of people very close to me so i know how terrible it can be and what a toll it can take. bless your friends di, and bless you for sharing this with us.