Sunday, August 17, 2008


Beautiful're their only g-g-g-girl my sister adores

she'll be watching from the s-s-sideline-fer-shore

I love these two beauties...the closest mom and daughter team I've ever known.
Aren't they adorable!
Katie is a sophmore at U of M Crookston and excelling on and off the volleyball court.
LOVE HER! She is truly gorgeous inside out.
Hey Katie, this one's for you "such as" ....
and while this signature 'dock of the bay' shot was taken by yours truly,
my uncle is the real deal...and here are all my auntie gems ...
and the rockstar of this blog....miss you girl!


Nathan said...

Looks like some real athletes . . . and that lake is huge . . . nice shot.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Washenberger(Katie) always hated her name because it wasn't formal like Katherine or Kathleen; But when Katie Bonine was named Katie after her great grandma her feelings about her name changed forever. Grandma's middle name was Mabel which she also was not very fond of. We named our poker room Mabels after her also. She loved to play poker every Saturday night at the lake, so Katie Mabel was now a name she had several reasons to feel differently about.

We all miss Grandma Katie but have her namesake with us. Love you Katie Bonine and miss you too! Have a great year at school!

Love Grandma Sandy

Marcell said...

beautiful photo and beautiful subjects and beautiful message...
like you!