Friday, February 29, 2008

quantum leap day

Mine beloved! Today is a day of celebration that has been a long time coming and worth everything it's meant to get here. Nearly 3 years ago, sitting across from Uncle Bob lamenting through a last supper of sorts, Rob received a meta good butt kicking that in no uncertain terms propelled him leaps and bounds toward stepping into his calling. Oh yes it would require much of him; but so much more was on the line....his heart.

Up till now there have been many smaller steps of faith. One could trace the ripple effects and decisions back to Adam but in the realm of a reasonable timeline, you see Rob stepping onto the plane (insert baby crying nonstop to LA) destined for Master Prac in Cali (where said butt kicking took place) then enrolling in grad school, tieing the knot, nailing the practicum at N.I.P. ~ all divine movements toward this blissful day of kissing that day job goodbye! WOO HOO! IHS aka Integrated MCG Wamberg Healthcare Phynque Bardes Compensation Strategies Clark Group Inc. been bury bury good to me and will continue to make rich people richer...that's what they do and they do it well...which pretty much suffocates the life out of a heart that beats for the hurting, underprivileged, wounded and brokenhearted of this world. No more working on computer hard drives for this called out one. Arriba! Human hard drives, here he comes. Living out of your truest heart means counting the cost...and finding that you cannot afford not to any longer. "If you do what you've always done, you get what you always got." It's a new day!

For the Kingdom!


Dean said...

That's way cool, I'm in awe of anyone who throws conventional wisdom to the wind and follows the passion of their heart. Especially when that passion is a consequence of God calling.

And 'Carpe Diem', that's the only way!

Christianne said...

hooray! what great news! congratulations to you BOTH!

what a great story. it sounds like you two are a perfect fit for one another. i just love it when God does that. he is so genius.

di said...

Knowing we are all in similar places I share these encouraging words that are "indeed very appropriate for the rest of our lives!"

Terri said...

so so good, di. i love it when someone sees into possibility and allows it to speak into the real world. rob will do amazing things.

di said...

terri, you are one who did see into possibility and offered an incredible opportunity for rob to speak into the real world and do what he loves - you know how much that's mattered to him. so so grateful! bless you.

kirsten said...

hoorah!! this is fantastic news!! sorry i'm late to the party, di ... i'm here to celebrate now.

i was so deeply resonating with what you were saying about how once you are in the center of your true calling, once you know what that is ... nothing else will do. counting the cost, you know what you need to do. even when it's difficult, your heart is full & fulfilled because it's doing exactly what God made it to do, that unique thumbprint thing that God made him to do.

again, hoorah!! i'm with c, God is a genius, i am in continual marvel at how he works & moves & surprises us.