Monday, March 3, 2008

a word from Rob

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Today I am Di’s special guest blogificator! She had asked me if I would share my thoughts about my recent big change so here it is.

Last Friday I took a quantum leap into the unknown. I left my secure paycheck for the unknown of unemployment. Really what I am doing is a practicum on my way to a degree in counseling. This has been a long journey of studies and self doubt. I am so grateful for the ones who have supported me. I could not do this without the amazing sacrificial support of my loving wife. She kept telling me I can do it and she kept typing my APA formatted papers. I am so blessed (way beyond what I could say here)!

I also am so grateful for the many opportunities I have had along the way that gave me the impetus to dare to jump into this new world! Thank you Terri Churchill and Kevin Callaghan who have let me be a part of the unique ministry of lay counseling within a church context. I am grateful for the opportunities they have provided me. I would not have dreamed this possible had they not invited me into their ministry. There are a number of other men who have spoken into my life at times when I needed a kick in the butt.

I have been working for years with computers. If you know anything about the Strong Interest Inventory, it is subdivided by categories like Investigative, Artistic, Entrepreneurial etc. I had taken this test a few months ago in a Career Counseling class. I scored the lowest on working with things and the highest on working with people. How true that is! I have been dying at my job. I had been working with computers at a company that basically exists to make wealthy people even wealthier. What a double edged heart killer!

Today I am doing an internship in counseling working with people who do not have the resources to get insurance and can’t afford to get counseling from the professional channels. It is the same as what Terri and Kevin do at Woodland. I have no idea where my income will come from in the future, but I feel so alive.

If you are thinking about a new adventure with God but don’t know how it will ever come together, I would encourage you to listen and follow where He is leading. I remember sitting with Kevin about 7 years ago thinking I would NEVER be able to fulfill this desire placed by God in my heart to help his hurting ones. Today I took another step in that direction. Where will all of this lead? What am I going to do? I don’t know for sure, but I hope to be working with people and helping them find healing in their life.


Terri said...

this is so, so...i guess i don't have words that will express it adequately [some form of "awesome".] rob, you're doing something that people so rarely have the courage to do. you've noticed that hunger to be doing what you be doing what you were made to do, and you actually had the heart and perseverance to see it through. amazing. i'm honored to be a witness to this. and believe me...i've benefited way more from our friendship than you did. bless you brother!

Dean said...

Rob, as I said previously, I'm waaaay impressed (and envious to be honest) at the courageous step that you're taking here. I believe that for men, in particular, it is very stressful to step away from a secure income into financial uncertainty. Being the provider for our families is for many men a core of their masculinity so I honour you in taking this step.

Just this morning we've been listening to one of our top sportsmen speaking as a motivational speaker. He spoke of the joy of waking up every day and doing something that your are passionate about. We all agree, but so few of us do it!

I'm looking forward to hearing more of this journey and to continuing our conversation on healing hearts.

Nathan said...


This post was so inspiring to me! Glad to know that God has opened this wonderful door for you.

I had a college professor/friend who once gave a "secret" that I have held on to for a number of years. He said, "Do you wanna know how to find the perfect job?" I'm like, "Absolutely!" He said, "Nathan, find something you like so well, you'd do it for free; then, do it so well that people are happy to pay you for it."

Rob, I think you just might've found the perfect job. ;)

Christianne said...

rob, what an inspiring story! i'll extend my congratulations again for taking this step. i can hear the joy in your voice just in reading this post. how wonderful to be moving more fully into the unique mark God has placed on your life.

God's blessings on you in this new stage of your journey! i hope it is filled with as much joy and goodness as you have always hoped it would be.

Sarah said...

Hi Rob ;0) Your words here are a comfort for me. I don't think I've found that one thing God most made me to do, but you help me believe that it's really out there.

And way to go! I'm inspired by your faith.

kirsten said...

hi rob!! hello, so good to hear from you ... it is so amazing to see these things unfold for other people, these things that only God can do. we take this steps of faith & then he keeps putting wind in our sails, keeps drawing us forward into the unknown territory before us like abraham.

i am SO feeling you on that last paragraph ... di [your ridiculously **amazing** wife] has probably told you about my journey over the last month or so & i NEVER could have imagined or dreamed could happen ... it is so only God, so i just want to tack a big AMEN on the end of that & add my agreement to what you say.

so EXCITING to hear about you stepping into your calling. thanks for sharing, & thanks for sharing di with us. we REALLY appreciate it!! ;o)

* k

Rob said...

Thank you to everyone! I never would have guessed that my little ole story would prove to be something that would inspire another to press into the dreams God has laid on their heart (Sarah, I know that unique Sarah is there - and He wants you to have those good gifts). Terri, like I said, I would not be here if it were not for your willingness to let me swim with you. (I'll try not to pee in the pool.)
Dean and Nathan, I hope you too are finding that place where you look forward with joy to what you do and people are willing to pay you for it. (I have not gotten to that critical "pay you for it" stage, but I hope it is around the corner.)
Christianne and Kirsten, what kind and beautiful souls! Thank you for your words. I trust you are both raising your own special sails and letting Him fill them with the wind of His Spirit!
I will let you know how things progress and know that Di will do the same this direction!
Bless you all you kind hearted Blog Hounds!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Rob. I know she's in's getting her OUT that can be the problem.

Pentimento said...

"My life has been the poem I would have writ,
But I could not both live and utter it." - Thoreau
Here's to the living of it. (and, of course the writing of it that helps us share in your jubilee.)