Saturday, February 9, 2008

random retelling 11

having learned all about 8 and now connecting a few free association dots...i respectfully submit pic 11 as my first choice for a nonsequential retelling of the do bee di story. my 11+8 = comment may also seem childish but it's ok if it sounds infinitely different and equally similar. welcome to life outside the meaning matrix box.

i could start at the beginning but somehow that just doesn't always work for me. i could start at the end but i'm not there yet although that does bring me to always and above all else guard your heart~that is pretty much all i have to say about that.

now here we are. testing the waters. still. but let me back up just a little. once upon a a land far far away...

just kidding. a few months ago amy and jen shared their hearts with rob and me about wanting to bring some kind of a captivating thing to mn. being all of us had been to colorado each having our own unique experiences and connections with wild at heart revolution (long story short at least for now) this was a time of straining to hear through some rough rapids (reminds me a little of marlin and dory exiting the EAC--grab some fin! here comes the swirling vortex of terror!) but suddenly there we were in calm cool waters having discovered so much and ready to listen still beside the salty turning tides. Being still and knowing a bit more of what it means to learn to be content in all circumstances and just keep listening and learning.

for a while i was....still tentative about what my involvement may be with all of this and wanting to be transparent about that. I can certainly be a resource and idea-bouncer-offer now and as long as it's helpful. Maybe I can jump in more at some point.

sometime have encouraged me to take another step up toward this and it feels very good and right. God has whispered through your words a message I was hoping to hear. I am delighted to know your perspectives and it feels a little like my eyes are seeing beyond the murky waters I've been wading through under the surface. A light pierces through and beckons upward to a glimmering horizon! Recalling Seth's sermon again, to use another analogy, I'll just bask here on my raft just a while longer and soak up the rays as my sails get ready to lift and catch a fresh wind of the Spirit with you.

The wind has been blowing ever since. Through an amazing trail some distant yet kindred paths have crossed and lines of sharing openly are bridging gaps of inquiry with love, respect, humility and grace. It hints of being among those things that are larger than what we think.

Bottom line...

I've teamed up with a couple women in a ministry we are calling Rubio-Restoring Ultimate Beauty Inside Out... loosely based on Captivating and whatever else God intends for it to be for us and those whosoever will be touched through God's creative beauty. We intend to honor those who have gone before us while allowing space for whatever lay ahead with wild abandon putting no limits on God to accomplish what He desires through us.

stay tuned... (and danny i have a big favor to ask you...)

p.s. now you might be able to connect with how my wheels have been turning around a blogging reunion in mn around about August 2009...or June? May? April? October? a lot of unknowns and lots more possibilities!


kirsten said...

di, this sounds so exciting!! my sis is reading "captivating" right now & i just purchased it. it's one of the books in my ever-growing pile of books i need to read which is currently taking up space on the windowsill in my bedroom.

i love hearing about how you felt wooed toward this ministry & took those steps toward it. i love how God works with us, slowly & gently, revealing what we need to know, when we need to know it. with that whole faith/trust thing mixed in, of course. ;o)

i'm excited to hear what unfolds!!

no boundaries, no limits. sounds like God to me!!

Christianne said...

di, i, too, loved hearing this story. you are such a lovely, lovely lady.

captivating and wild at heart and all the ransomed heart corpus of literature and audio cds have been a big part of kirk's and my life, too. i so appreciate what their ministry is doing to unlock the hearts of thousands.

so excited for what God is doing in your corner of the world through women who want to hand over the reins to Him!

Terri said...

it's got to be good if you're at the wheel. it's nice to know that you're a person who not only listens but also churns out mad energy and creativity to produce something that God can really use. bless you.

will you be the keynote speaker at the first event? (for those of you not in on this private joke, di would pretty much rather be filleted, dipped in batter, and deep fried than to get up in front of an audience and speak.) love you di!

Nathan said...

I like your numbers. :) Keep us in the loop. Much Love.

Dean said...

Di you crack me up. I find myself rereading some of the things you write and killing myself laughing a second time.

And I'm excited to see where this goes and where we are led.

di said...

kirsten, right on! hope you enjoy the crib notes and i'm so jazzed you're part of the unfolding! no boundaries, no limits, sounds like God to me...Amen!!

christianne, i appreciate knowing that about you and kirk and still want to hear more of your story. restoring ultimate beauty inside out really is a relational thing between all of us and each little step we take toward each other reflects that even more.

terri, what can i say, the gal knows me ;)

nathan, i like your numbers too. you are ∞ in the loop

dean, my newest brother among all the tribes and nations singing glory glory hallelujah He reigns...thoroughly loving our conversation. thank you for engaging with us! it IS among those things ABOVE what we think.

also, terri offered already, and I echo...let us know if we can hook you up with some books! it's only fair ;)