Monday, May 26, 2008

3x2x1 random things

Thanks for the tag Santiago ~ I have complied with your gracious meme accost.

1. When I was around 10, I was holding a 2 x 4 for my Dad while he cut it to size with a hand saw. The board started to slip and I went to grab it and my left thumb got in the way. The rest is a blur but while Dad was shocked and horrified my Mom kicked into gear and grabbed the white washcloth, wrapped it around my hand and off we sped to the ER. 10 or 11 stiches later (ouch! thump thump throb!) the tip was reattached and I survived and still have a scar and disformed thumbnail (and the blue stitches in a scrapbook somewhere) to prove it.

2. Speaking of nails, I used to bite mine. Then I went through a phase of acrylic nails and finally gave up biting and faking it and grew some of my own. It's a bummer when they chip and tear but thems the breaks.

3. I learned that I was mistakenly referring to some thoughts as being random synapses since according to a fascinating lecture series we are listening to (as part of Rob's Psychophysiology class) nothing random occurs in the is all highly regulated, but we don't know how exactly.

4. When I was 8 or 9 I saw this yellow hi-flier kite at Pixie Pack and just HAD TO HAVE IT! I wore my parents down to YES and finally was out in my front yard in veritable kite bliss when all of the sudden unbeknownst to me, my spool of string was not properly tied off at the end and my coveted kite flew AWAY! My brother Tom and I went on a rescue mission and finally at the end of the day we located the tattered and torn remnants in a tree on the other side of mud lake. I learned about emotional spiraling before I knew what it was.

p.s. I was reminded of this again a few weeks ago when we watched The Kite Runner. Rob is going to get me a really cool kite and we are going to go fly it in the huge open field down the road, I think.

5. When I was a teenager, we did not have call waiting. We had an upstairs and a downstairs phone. It was a source of many arguments and embarassments as someone would get on the other line and say GET OFF THE PHONE, I'm expecting a call from so and so, or would holler I NEED TO USE THE PHONE NOW....and to this day, I hate talking on the phone!

6. I had a bunny named Marco Polo. He was a little explorer and I thought he was going to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records as being the biggest, oldest rabbit EVER to live. He shared a kennel with Penny and they got along remarkably well. Penny died, and we got a new black lab, and some months later Marco got out of his hutch and that dog (Sam?) chased him around the kennel until he had a little bunny heart attack. My brothers tracked me down on bikes to inform me of this and I raced home and sat crying with Marco (fully rigamortified) in my arms when our parents got home. Meanwhile, all four grandparents had been summoned and came to our rescue and Grandpa Washenberger even had big apple tears in his eyes and never again teased me about how he was going to make hassenpfeffer soup out of my little Marco.

I tag Rob.


Sarah said...

Poor bunny...I hate it when animals hurt, and it's even worse when I know them!

And aren't kites grand? I'm sorry about your poor yellow one, but what a cool brother to take off and help you search! That totally reminded me of Kite Runner, too!

Take care!

Nathan said...

I had pet rabbits too. One of them, named Edgar, got his name changed to Esther after I found out "he" was pregnant.

This was really interesting Di -- synapses and all. :) Nice post.

kirsten said...

No kidding, poor bunny!! I had a couple growing up (Cocoa & Oreo) but we had to give them away eventually. :o(

And OUCH on the thumb incident. Crazy!! But it sounds like Mom was on top of it.

That is interesting on the synapses. Right now I'm pretty sure mine aren't firing too well. ;o)

di said...

sarah, you know my motto...there will be no road kill in heaven! no random animal sufferings anywhere! but there will be kites, I'm sure of it. We will be able to fly up there with them without string.

nathan, sounds like Esther's picture was meant to be right next to Marco's in the Guiness book of miracles!

kirsten...cocoa and oreo, now those are some colorful and descriptive names. I could have named Marco marshmallow or snow flake.

oh and much later, a roommate had a couple of bunnies that OH MY GOSH I totally know what they mean by multiplying like bunnies! Once there was this cute little furry layer of new bunnies AND right under them, another layer of pinkies! AHHHHH! we eventually had to give them away too. set them free, you know, in the wilderness, where they could be free to roam and live outside the cage. I just plugged my ears and sang la la la la la about the birds of prey that would rain on my parade of delusions :( poor bunnies.

Terri said...

a fellow phone-hater. sometimes i feel like the most satanic thing to ever come along is cell phones.

and the kites...that fits you di.

sorry i've been MIA lately. i've missed you.

Marcell said...

that would explain the random rabbit trails the synapses in your brain can take??. and would that be grandpa George M. Washenberger, born in 1910?

di said...

phones suck and kites rock. i've missed you too, terri, hope you're feeling mucho better!

so nice to hear from the dynamic duo!

and yes indeed marcell, that's my grandpa. freaky cool how you know that.

Amykinz said...

I haven't flown a kite since I was little - I want to do that, too! How fun!

And I totally had the same experiences with the phone in my house growing up! I sometimes wish it was still like that, dreading the day my toddler is a teenager and not being able to "monitor" her phone calls! :)

di said...

hopefully by then you'll be able to trust the good seeds you've planted and nurtured in your bella from early on and can sit back and enjoy the fruit ~ my sister has a relationship with her daughter that is amazing like niece wants to tell her mom everything even things my sister would rather not hear about. i added some random pics of my sibs growing up.

Amykinz said...

Aw, and what adorable pics they are! LOVE the kite!

I'll have to get some tips from your sister on how she nurtured that relationship with her daughter. I'd love for Izzy to feel like she can tell me anything and WANTS to tell me things!