Wednesday, May 21, 2008

tree lessons

"new growth"

at first i see this tender shoot
my heart is glad
but next thought
my smile turns grim
will this new life
be pruned
for the good
of the whole
will it delight
to serve the tree
just to have had
this chance
to be


and then just on the other side
as if the tree could not but chide
do you see
try as you may
it won't stop me


kirsten said...

beautiful!! {photos & poetry}

new growth. resilience. the captions speak as much as the poem.

Nathan said...

Extremely creative. A real "treet." I liked the way you pieced it together. Really really nice.

Amykinz said...

You are so awesome, Di. This was wonderful!

James said...

Di, your beauty is really shimmering in this piece of poetry. And you reward: you have been tagged for meme duty.