Tuesday, May 20, 2008

at the cabin

Mom and Carlee ready to bake something sweet!

Katie & Tyler spending their first summer vacation away from U of M Crookston together
from Cottage Grove to Finlayson...now they're missing each other like crazy since he flew home to Cali today but she's SO CAL next month ... lucky girl!

Leeah bee!~

nice catch! {peek-a-bee}

we miss Rob so much when he's gone ~ a trip to the lake really helps us cope


Christianne said...

ahhhh! i can't get over how adorable gracie is. i want to hug and squeeze her so tight and let her lick all over my face!

by "at the cabin," do you mean the cabin for your parents that had the fires last month?

Nathan said...

Is that gonna be homemade apple pie? I love homemade apple pie! The whole scene is picturesque. Wish I could be there.

di said...

christianne, yes...no leads yet on who set those fires - I linked to an update here ~ gracie would love to give you a kiss on the face especially if you take her for a w-a-l-k

nathan, indeed. wish you could be there too!

di said...

more cabin memories in the making...this is my grand little nephew Jayden's blog if you want some smiles his crib is the place to go!