Sunday, March 30, 2008


inspired by the magical love that is linni ~ i share my precious darlings with you . . .

love this post! i am godmother to timmy, lauren and of
each of my sister's and brothers' children, and i cherish them as if they were
my own. you have sparked me to write about these three special treasures meme
style on my blog and i'll tag you when i do as the inspiration! my youngest gem
is 11 now and we are meeting weekly for 'garnet mondays at ruby tuesdays' since
we share a january birthday and a lot of each other's personality traits too ;)
we get each other pretty well. love you linni. will take your thoughtful tips to
make these precious ones feel as special as they are.

Sitting on the dock of the 'Big Pine Lake' bay are my brother Steve alongside our first nephew Timmy. #18 is my sister Sue & Craig's firstborn son and my first godchild. His heart is as expansive as his shoulders are becoming in this memory picture from a few years back and like that first shocking big shoulder awareness that my little brother Steve was not a little boy anymore, Timmy has grown into a real man, loving husband to Stacey, and proud father to my first grand-nephew Jayden.

Daddy says Jayden is
the sweetest little
bundle of joy

My beautiful niece Lauren [who looks remarkably like Cameron Diaz] just became a new mommy on February 28, 2008....just barely pushing before the leap year stroke of midnight! Lauren's voice and musical talents are mostly inherited from her angelic singing mother although my brother Tom can belt out a good tune [and with Ang they sing a mad toe-tappin' duet or a rousing "Skol, Vikings!"] so maybe it's just a perfect blend of feminine and masculine Imago Dei passed down to their daughter. LDubb, my precious first goddaughter...I love you dearly!

Now, if you recall Joey, my special rock hunting companion, he is Lauren's brother...and just became an uncle for the first time. So one way or the other, this custom designed onesie is definitely going to be fitting for our new little nephew Trey. Only question is will he be shooting pucks or finding pretty rocks first?

[for any baby shower planners...this was a fun activity for all!]

And last but not least, the lovely Carlee Anne.

Caring, nurturing, forgiving and more
describes the person that we all adore.
Thinking of others in multiple ways
will guide the little ones all of their days.
Take this angel given to you
from a child that does what you do.
Godmother, Aunt, Teacher and Friend,
the bond that you share will never end.

Many will see it, many may not,
but to us, your influence sure means a lot.
Sharing something, though indescribable it's there,
the ways that you both seem to love and care
for others in ways that affects you so deep
this commonality is great that both of you keep.

Thank you for caring, for being there to show
her wonderful ways to help her to grow.
Just knowing the problems Carlee could face,
it's comforting knowing she's filled with God's grace.

~a poem from Steve & Kathy~

I'm hoping this Girls Rock movie comes to town so we can go see it together although I'm pretty sure we would be the first two putting in our earplugs! Love the concept though and Kirsten had some great ideas for 'quieter' Girls Rock alternatives [dance, visual arts, more classical forms of music]. Those tween and teen years are turbulent ones and what a difference this sort of thing could be.

It has been said that Carlee and I are a lot alike...and neither of us are at all bothered by that (even though it smacks of our being a little sensitive and a lot strong willed) we consider it a compliment and anything else is just for critics (love that line in the Girls Rock trailer!). Carlee loves competing in gymnastics and cooking with Grandma. Those times together, just like our Garnet Mondays @ Ruby Tuesdays, rock like jewels!

Last October while Rob was doing an Advanced Wild at Heart boot camp at Timber Bay, about an hour away from where Carlee and I sat on the same dock that is shown in the first picture above, we were praying about all kinds of things and she surely has Jesus in her heart. And on the drive home the next morning we sang this song and talked about God and Satan and heaven and hell...and the difference between make believe Santa and the Easter Bunny and having faith in Jesus. Nothing has prepared me to have the answers to such questions for such a young searching heart...I praise and ask the Lord to give me just enough words.


Terri said...

wow di. i can't imagine a more loving godmom. those kids are pretty lucky to have you so close and available. do they all know you've written this here? i'm sure they'd really cherish it.

Timmy22 said...

Auntie Diane, First and foremost, thank you for the kind words. It is always a great feeling when someone has special thoughts/feelings towards you. You have definitely been the best aunt/godmother that a kid could ask for. Having a family as close knit as ours is not only rare, it is something to cherish. Having Jayden in my life now, it has definitely helped me to realize the most important things in life are not measured by success or failure but by having those that you love around you. Growing up, weekends up at the cabin or at the Warner reunion are definitely seen as a fun time. Now that I am "adult" I realize that not only are these times fun, but they are the times to share with the individuals that you truly care about. Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me and everyone else in our family. You are truly a gift and we all love you very much.

di said...

AWH man! See how he is? I try to bless and honor him and he goes and does it right back even more! Thank you Timmy. You do bless me so. I couldn't have illustrated my point, about the expansiveness and tender strength of your heart, any better than your own words have conveyed. I remember when you were born, living upstairs from your great grandma and grandpa Wash...when you were just a toddler and your little brother Tommy came along, and grandma Warner's stories of playing a zillion games of Candyland with you. Yes, family is precious. I have a moving picture going through my head right now, pausing on a few snapshots: you playing in your backyard with Poko, Sue wearing her Oz softball uniform holding you in her arms with the dusky sundown sky in the background (you came to all our games) you must have the best Mom in the whole wide world! Then I see you sitting straddle style with Tommy in front of you in a field of dandilions at the cabin, fastforward to watching you play pee wee hockey, high school baseball, big people texas hold 'em at the cabin, getting married [Rob getting to meet the whole entire tribe for the first time] reading Genesis for you two. So many memories, so many more to come. God bless you, Stacey and Jayden. I really mean it Timmy, you have always been so kind, thoughtful and loving and as you watch your nephews grow some day, I hope you are as amazed by what you see as I am when I look at you. Love you more than all the overnight sounds of the frogs in the pond. Respect you even more than words can say. [HUG] and *kiss* on the forehead. But I won't EVER pinch your cheek and marvel at how much you've grown, I promise. Love, your Auntie Diane.

kirsten said...

di, this is so so precious ... such a loving & lovely tribute!! it's great to have faces to put to names you've shared & to see the sweet girl who is the other half of the garnet mondays @ ruby tuesdays!! sounds like your family is such a blessing ... timmy is right, it's so rare for a family to be such a tight & close-knit tribe. precious jewels, all!!! thank you for sharing with us.

pERiWinKle said...

This is beautiful...touching my heart...I want to say that is because I know exactly how you feel...taking everything into consideration...but i don't know how you feel...but in my heart...I'm with you...sitting on the deck...singing...and praying...talking...and trusting...and living!

Thanks Sweet Di...what an honor to have you as a godmom....big hug to you xx

Pentimento said...

di, this post just makes me smile. It is profound. (and of course makes me want to map out Jayden's family tree.) hehe. He's got good roots.

di said...

Marcell, I know you appreciate family roots in a deep way and I'd love to have you digging around in my garden and nurturing those little plants in your loving hands.

Linni, I sure understand the sentiment that we cannot know exactly how another feels, but I have a pretty good idea you and I can relate to each other on a deep knowing level on this topic of children. One time I was talking to this woman about my nieces and nephews and she shared that she didn't have brothers or sisters either! She had always wished she could have them. That perspective was so unfamiliar to me and evoked so much gratitude for what I had versus what I did not causing some kind of shift in me that still feels fresh and alive. Doesn't completely take away the desire to have children of our own, but it sure is fun spoiling the ones we do have. It is a great honor indeed to get to love and cherish these dear ones forever.

Kirsten, yes Timmy is right and you know as well as I what a blessing it is to have a tight & close-knit tribe. Precious stones built upon the Rock.

Terri, ditto.

Nathan said...

Di, you are an astonishing individual and an endearing friend. You bless so many people.

Thank you for being so YOU. You are so meek and unassuming yet so powerful and deep. I really appreciate you.

It was nice getting a line from your husband. He and I are gonna have to talk. :)

Peace to you both.

di said...

I just pre-ordered the Girls Rock! DVD and we'll be seeing it in September Carlee!!

any one else interested in Girls Rock! merchandise can go to

rock on!

Marcia Erickson said...


How beautiful. You are surely living up to your responsibility in the most amazing ways with these kids. I'm inspired!