Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Discovered by Christianne~All About My Dog, Marimo


di said...

i had a marimo named sudi....now i still have her baby gracie....for now. i told christianne i was hoping it's a lotta while longer but probably more like a little while longer till i'll be stumbling back over to breathe in a smile and sob thru the truest tears of love again.

gracie is 11, healthy, sweet, and has earned herself a doggy-dsm label of our little nut job. and our little gift from God.

Christianne said...

Hi, Di! Again, so glad this ministered to you in your loss of Sudi and your love for Gracie. You left a comment asking for permission to take this from my site -- of course you can! We're all about sharing the love around here. Besides, I found it on YouTube, so I guess you could say that I borrowed it from the person(s) who posted it there. And they borrowed it from the filmmakers who produced it. (I heard this short film was part of a Japanese short film festival.)

What kind of dog is Gracie? She sounds sweet. I love that you call her your little nut job.

di said...

she's a chow chow (pure akc but my husband suspects she is really part cat) but she pretty much protects me like a queen. now how do I get that pic of her from down there up into here? hmmm.

Christianne said...

Awww, she sounds cute! Chows are adorable fluffy pups.

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