Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Nathan said...


I'm glad you made it possible to post a comment. I am probably the only person in the world who still does not have a myspace account. I am resisting it steadfastly, but will likely eventually succumb to its gravitational pull.

Too bad we can't put music on our blog sites. Or can we? I do like your Eva Cassidy stuff. I just sent Clayton around 115 songs by her for Christmas. He seems to like her too. By the way, Clayton is multi-talented. Not only does he write, but he sings. He's in an a cappella group called Casual Harmony at Rutgers University. He will kill me for doing this, but you can check him out here:

He is very embarrassed by this particular performance, which is precisely why I’m posting it up. In fairness to him, it does not at all do him justice. Feel free to share it with the rest of the gang. JUST DO NOT LET CLAYTON KNOW WHERE THE LINK CAME FROM!

Again, I’m glad you have opened a door to your blog. I want you in the loop as much as possible.

di said...

Hey Nathan, welcome to my blog space. Your comment validates my BIO into existence. I initially joined myspace to bridge the gen gap with my siblings' offspring which was a blast into the virtual world they live in! yikes!! but you might like facebook too ~ most do, it seems but to me, it's a little less creative but apparently more hip. whatever. Back on myspace Eva is my newest friend add and if you haven't yet, check out her tribute page. It's gorgeous!

A co-worker of mine's husband was obsessed with Eva's songs and burned a cd for me several years ago. I was looking for it the other night and long story short, was prompted to e-mail her to get another as it seemed the thieves who ripped out my stereo and ripped off my favorite cds in my favorite cheetah case stole her away. Alas, I found them in my plain cd sleeve stashed underneath the seat. YAY! But, in reconnecting with my sister-in-Christ co-worker who has since changed jobs several times and with whom I only occasionally reconnect, I learned she is presently at home with her husband in hospice care. Their story is moving and touching so stay tuned (I put Songbird back up for them) but the connection concerning Eva is beyond coincidental. In many ways Cindy and I have been a distant witness to each other's lives at least in the most devastating transitions of our lives. God is amazing like that...meaning never really distant beyond our own construction. Right here...where my hand almost touches my nose, that close. I love Him so much as the people I know through Him. Thanks for reminding me about Eva! wow. just wow!

I do not know if we can put music on our blog sites.

Off I go now to youtube. Don't tell Clayton ;)

Nathan said...


You are so funny. You made me smile. I dunno if I need to bridge a generation gap, but even still, I have neither a myspace nor a facebook. It's prolly cause I'm mad private (at least I used to be), and I don't like all my info splashed out there before the world. Blogspot just seems a little more discreet.

Amen, to the immanence of God -- even if I can't feel Him a lot of the times.

Sorry to hear about your friend. I'll make that a matter of prayer. Can't wait to read more of your stuff/comments.

Holly said...

Oh yes, I see the quote! It is truly beautiful, and one of my favorites too.

Christianne said...

Hi Di -- Nathan tipped me off to your opening your blog for comments, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. HI! :)

I also wanted to say that I've found such an encouraging spirit in you through this blog community. You are so friendly to everyone, so warm and inviting, and so funny. I love that in a girl.

I'm a mad-in-love Eva Cassidy fan, too. Her voice is so pure and like an angel. Over the Rainbow, Songbird, and Fields of Joy are three of my favorites.

I'm not in Myspace or Facebook, either, so I'm glad you have a blogspace here. I hope you post some of your great thoughts for us to read! :)

Terri said...

i've never heard of eva cassidy, but i thought i'd stop and say hi anyway. hi! i'm still a little stuffy headed so i'm not going to work on the logo just yet, but i'll get to it. and welcome to blogworld you shy thing you.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop by to say hello. You seem like a sweet and gentle hearted person. I look forward to hearing your voice.

Nathan said...

Sooner or later you're gonna put sumpin up here. And when you do, Imma write the mess out of it in this comment box. :D

Nathan said...


As I re-read your comment-

to be seen and known and loved
no stone left unturned
no stone thrown

-its implications become increasingly profound. How many people have we as a Church stoned for being just half dressed, let alone completely naked? God help me.

di said...

from Cindy...

This is a happy / sad day for our family. Chuck finished his rebirth into the heavenly kingdom this morning. He took his last breath at 6:55 am this morning. Chas, Joan and I were around him…he was at peace.