Sunday, January 27, 2008

silent things

As feelings inside are stirring to find a way out through my fingertips and while searching for those words hidden away like lost treasures in boxes and books, I came across this poem found in Spotlight magazine during a recent trip to LA. And as I listen to the silence around here today, I share this poem that just seems apt for this moment.

Silence is Golden
God made so many silent things
For he loved the joy that silence brings
Like the snow that covers the winter terrain
Like the silent sound of a light spring rain
Like blossoms slipping to the ground
Like a falling star that knows no bounds
Like the dew that falls at dawning
Like the seeds that push the earth
All silent things that God has made
Like a rose bud giving birth

Like a beautiful rainbow with colors so bright
Like the jasmine so sweet blooming only at night
Like the silent seeds that blow away
Like a dandelion that's had its day
Like a silent river that flows along
Singing a very silent song
Like a brook that bubbles to and fro
Like a bunny's hop across the snow
God loved the joy that silence brings
For he made so many silent things
Helen Stockdale


Christianne said...

Mmmm, I love the thoughts in this poem. It feels like softness. The quiet beckons me, pulls me closer, breathes its soft, warm breath on me. And I need it to.

Terri said...

it's so good when something important finds its way though your fingertips. so good. thanks di!

Nathan said...

I see why you like this poem.

Di, you have good taste. Maybe that's why were friends? (Just kidding). But I am glad we're friends. You have a way of overwhelming me by underwhelming me with simplicity. I like that about you. (Hopefully, that didn't sound too paradoxical; it was mos def a compliment).

She who says it simplest, says it best.