Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a gift to treasure

Poem for do-bee

Like petticoats twirling
Thoughts dark and bright
Blue agate rivers swirling
Tumble in at night

Then! Quiet, and soften
For beauty can see
That every so often
She ceases from doing to BE.

from marsyl

~ ~ ~

i found a veritable treasure trove you all will love to see
creative~wise~beauty~full a gift from God is she
who wrote this ditty just for me who listened deep and knew
we truly simply need to know we're loved for who we be

thank you marcell for who you are
~a treasured gift from God to thee~
i share her with you now...the lovely pentimento


Terri said...

she really is a treasure and a gifted writer to boot. and all of those things she says are true of you too. another gift. bless you dear.

Pentimento said...

awwww shucks. what a gem you are. Thank you for being who you do be.

Danny said...

this is awesome! thanks for sharing!

pERiWinKle said...

This poem is beautiful...

it can only come from her heart....
soft xx

kirsten said...

i love it!!
" ... ceases from doing to BE"

it is taking me forever to learn this, so i love seeing it in black & white: there is value & worth in our BEING.

thank you, beautiful di. and hello, lovely pentimento!!