Thursday, March 6, 2008

ten minutes of inspiration

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pERiWinKle said...

Dear Di & Bob,

Cannot chat right now..but

1. Di...I've been looking at 'your' photo in Terry's blog...thinking I like her soft eyes and beautiful smile...I want to get to know her...and here you are....
I just quickly scrolled through your last 3 posts...and cannot wait to get back to read them...

2. Bob...what an amazing, brave, full on trusting God thing to do! Oeeehhhh!!!! soooo exciting and scary! at the same time...but you know what? You are going to be ok. you are going to be more than a few years you are going to look back and think...mmmmm...what a great move! In Fil 1 vers 8 (sorry...can't remember the english name for that book in the Bible right now...) BUT...God says..."I will finish the beauty I have started in you"... it won't always be an easy road, but He will always be there right next to you holding your hand..

i have to run...on my way to full day COUNSELLING workshop! :-) I'm funny is this...I'm still working..but studying after hours counselling...and was going to specilize on child bereavement....but just last week got a better idea...want to expand this to something like art therapy...and then go back to SA and work with the kiddies who have cancer and are in the hospital...and don't have any channel to express their must be soooo excited.....scared......feeling free! All at once!?

I'll speak later! I have to go! xx

James said...

Ok, Ok, yes I have been a lurking reader and no I haven't wished to come out of my cocoon but OK, here I am COMMENTING. Yikes, "ten minutes of inspiration" made me cry and what man enjoys admitting to crying at stuff that Oprah is involved with. Oh well, cats out of the bag now....
James (aka Hoppy, Santiago and to a select few, Rafiki)

Anonymous said...

I believe this was one of the most powerful things that i have ever encountered on a blog. I have been here to listen to this 2x and will continue to pop over here.

This blog inspired me to say out of my mouth once again that God has a call on my life. I have known this from about 10 or so. I have long since run from God, walked away from Him to do my own thing and am slowly trying to return to Him.

These words made me say to myself don't give up on your dream, Tammy, life is not over yet.

Why this is such a miracle to me is this, I have known for a long time that God has called me to preach. (Lord have mercy if you have read all of my foolishness, you will never believe that) Believe me i have been wandering around, not believing it myself! Anyway i have completely denied that call and have pretty much told God in no uncertain terms......NO!

This blog made me rethink that NO a little......that is a major ordeal for me. Thanks for this blog.

di said...

i hear ya tammy! i've lost track of how many times i've listened to this and there will be many more times i'm sure. i am glad it has inspired you to reconsider your NO a little and not deny the calling on your life. you have an irreplaceable role in the Kingdom and may you find your YES to all that He has written on your heart and give that NO a new job to keep out all enemy interference. guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life and may the overflow of what has been welled up bless you inside out like that waterfall in hinds feet. drop back over any time! good to hear from you.

y'all come back now ya hear! that's for hoppy, and hakuna matada rafiki! there is sure strength in a man who can let those tears be known.

oh linni, you go girl! art therapy for kids! beautiful. you have so much love to give the kiddies and that sweet sorrow will be turned into joy unspeakable! love to you.